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Reservation System for Restaurants

Connect Direct To: Your Website, Google, Facebook,

How does it works?

All Bookings are by confirmation only. The restaurant have the control to manage the bookings manually. The booking system helps restaurants be organises by app, and email. It makes easy for users to book or to cancel at any time 24 hrs from all media platforms.


Our Back End Booking App – Android – iOS 

Let your customers reserve tables at your restaurant


Client wants a reservation

The client would like to book at your restaurant by form that is link from all platforms.


The request

The customer will fill a form to book one of your tables and our app will send you an alert by email, SMS* & at the app.

 SMS* – POS Print are optional


Manage the reservation

While the client is waiting,  you’ll be able to approve, cancel or delete the reservation made by the client, the app will send a booking confirmation to the guest via email, sms or call.


Store your clients information

The app will keep all your new and previous client’s vital information so you can access it at any time and wherever you are.


Restaurant’s benefits

Increase Bookings from all Restaurant’s Platforms

Manage booking the way that works for you

We recommend a Book Diary, ask your wine suppliers they normally give them out.

Build your own newsletter database
When your customers book tables through the online booking system, they will leave their contact details and marketing consent. The database system belongs entirely to you.

Without such an alternative, all data belongs to the portal, and you don’t have access to it. Don’t allow this to happen!